Rapid Craps Needs a New Home

Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon on the Las Vegas strip is a haven for the low rollers looking to have a great time. Whether your poison was beer pong, small stakes no-limit hold’em, the famous steakhouse or those delightful Go-Go Dancers - you are going to miss them all when the old rusty doors will shut in time for a good old-fashioned Las Vegas style renovation on the 4th February.

One type of kasyno online player who will miss Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall more than most is the Craps player. This is because the casino was the only place on the strip where you could play Rapid Craps.

Rapid Craps is an interesting hybrid of the brick and mortar - and electronic world - that has been a part of Bill’s since 2010. The game takes place around a Craps table, but instead of standing, the players take seats in front of electronic monitors. There is still a designated Shooter, who rolls the dice as standard, but the dealer enters the result onto a computer system and payouts are automated through the monitors.

The game contains just one dealer and his or her responsibility is to handle the stick and enter the dice roll into the software. The game has been a big hit for locals as there is a belief that the introduction of the automated pay out removes any possibility of human error, plus you also get a much faster game.

Despite Rapid Craps being sorely missed, players are hopeful that the table, and machines, will be moved to The Quad or The Flamingo whilst building work takes place.