History of Casino

The history of the emergence of casinos Professional players like to bet and bet money on almost everything, even the fact which of the two snowflakes ¬pervoy reach the sill ... Gambling was popular always and everywhere - for example, the inhabitants of ancient Egypt. This we know from the evidence found in the legendary Great Pyramid of Giza, built no less than 3000 years BC. In the village of Thebes dating back 1,500 years BC, archaeologists have found playing kos¬ti, which at that time was one of the main forms of gambling.

The main thing that unites them - they played for money. But it has not yet been a casino in the form that we have today. On the other side of the globe, in Asia, the ancient Chinese also gambled. Confucius upo¬minaet "Wei-whose" game with hundreds of items, koi used to play military strategy, vaguely reminiscent of chess. Judging by pismen¬nym sources, the game appeared at the imperial court in 2300 BC. In India, most of the residents regularly play dice and compete in the race. Certificate of games data refers to at least 1500 BC.

In medieval Europe, gambling got perhaps the greatest development. As now, gambling has always been associated with vsevoz¬mozhnymi sins, and the government generally opposed them. But gambling is not stopped, because people like to take risks. In addition, the adrenaline, the resulting game is not required to risk their lives for the sake of its receipt. Gambling existed in America protya¬zhenii centuries. There is written evidence that Leif Ericson, the first European to visit America, found that Indians are gambling, and after these games brought home to Greenland.

Later Viking Norman William the Conqueror after the conquest of Britain and England brought fashion and gambling on the shores of Albion, where to this day they are at a premium. After development of America in the era of the Wild West Gambling got their real development. That's where the first casino. Together with the gold rush casino settled in areas such as San Francisco and Reno - near gold mines Kalifor¬nii. Finally, there was Las Vegas. Initially, there existed a camp for pu¬teshestvennikov their way from Santa Fe to California. He remained sparsely populated until 1905 go¬da when it was built by the latest on the day of the railroad. May 15, 1905 land auction was held and two thousand.